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Wherefore Dynamis?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Dynamis was conceived in response to the failure of government to fix our broken and ailing health care system. I am hoping to create health care solutions from the ground up, preserving what is best about our health care system and discarding what is not working. Using preventive and integrative medicine, I hope to create the nidus for a health care system which make each and every one us us healthier. Dynamis will attempt to do this by addressing some of the primary causes of chronic illness: poor nutrition, toxic exposures, over-dependence on pharmaceuticals, and poor exercise habits. Although much of this falls under the heading of "Lifestyle Medicine" some of it includes therapeutics which are outside of the realm of conventional medical practice. I have selected certain therapies which I have found to be not only clinically reliable, but which also are well supported by research. I try to avoid all therapies that have a high potential for adverse or toxic effects wherever possible.

Health a state of balance and harmony, not only within oneself, but with one's environment, microscopic and external, interpersonal and sociologic, spiritual and psychological.

In that spirit, my goal is to restore your health to the place of harmony which nature intended for it, and in the process to make myself minimally necessary to you as possible. This is in the spirit of minimalism which embodies homeopathic treatment and Bowenwork. The minimalist approach is certainly a far cry from today's interventionist approach, which maximizes the role

of the treater, and minimizes the body's native healing powers -- the reverse of what should

prevail in a well functioning health care system.

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