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Practice Policies

Welcome to my practice.  I’d like to ask for your help with a number of business matters, which are listed below. Please read them carefully as many of them are likely to apply to you at some time or another.

  1. PAPERWORK: Any paperwork that takes more than a few minutes to complete must be done during a scheduled appointment.  This policy applies to letters, insurance forms, reports, faxes, prescriptions, and any other written materials that are not part of the treatment itself.  It also applies to phone calls of any significant duration you may need me to make for you.  This policy was created to assure that your paperwork gets done promptly. 

  2. EMERGENCIES: When you call my office, if I am not in, please leave a message.  I’ll return your call the same day, or, if your call comes late in the day, the next business day. If your problem is urgent – in other words, you think you might need to go to an emergency room or be hospitalized, please let me know and I will respond as soon as possible. Generally, it is best to call 911 in the event of a true emergency for the quickest possible response.  Also, bear in mind that I am not able to handle true life and death emergencies in my office or over the telephone.  These types of emergency are best treated at a hospital.

  3. PHONE MESSAGES: I respond to brief questions by telephone on a daily basis, but if your questions require a longer discussion (i.e., more than about 5 minutes), you will need to schedule an appointment (either in person or by phone) so that I can give your questions the time they require.  I often am unable to respond to calls until the end of the day.  I generally return calls I have been unable to make during the day in the evening, between 4:00PM and 6:00PM

  4. E-MAIL:  I usually do not use e-mail for communication with my patients except in unusual circumstances, such as your being out of the country.  You can e-mail me if you haven’t heard back from me within 24 hours by phone.  Occasionally there is a problem with my telephone answering system and I don’t receive a phone message.  This is the best use of e-mail

  5. TEXTING:  I don’t text, as I can’t be interrupted when I am with patients.  

  6. MISSED APPOINTMENTS:  Please call me at least 24 hours in advance of a missed appointment as a courtesy.  If you miss your appointment, I cannot guarantee availability of make-up appointments at times convenient for you, so please make every effort to keep your appointment. 3 or more missed appointments within a year's time will result in fees to continue in the practice, as such last minute changes create unmanageable levels of chaos in my schedule.  

  7. PUNCTUALITY:   I usually am on time, or close to being on time.  If I am late, I will make up the missed time to you during your appointment, or, if you cannot stay longer, at a later date.  If you are late, however, I cannot automatically extend your appointment, as I may have other patients scheduled after you.  You will have to make another appointment if the time remaining is not adequate to address all your concerns. 

  8. PAYMENTS: Please arrange to have your payments made monthly.  Bank cards, credit cards, checks and cash are all acceptable. 

  9. REMEDY CHARGES: No homeopathic remedy charges for member patients. Discounted fees on herbal remedies. 

  10. OLD REMEDY BOTTLES: Please bring in old remedy bottles for recycling when you are done with them.

  11. BOWENWORK: If you are coming in for Bowenwork, please dress in loose fitting, thin clothing.  If it is a cold day, you may need to dress in layers or bring in a change of clothes.

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