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Dynamis Preventive Medicine will create a new health care system from the ground up!

You can make health care reform happen by building a new system where patients are prioritized over the dollar bill, health is prioritized over disease management, and personal, individualized treatment is prioritized over the needs of the system. By joining Dynamis you

help build a new health care system reoriented towards these priorities. Don't wait for the government to bring about needed reform! Dr. Brody is trying to bring about reform by creating a model for what health care should be paying attention to: health, healing, and safe, health-promoting therapies. Become a partner in this process, and you will improve your health and become a health care reformer all at once!

Are you unable to get reliable guidance on nutrition, exercise programs, weight loss programs, electromagnetic radiation risks, avoiding toxic exposure, microbiome problems, and stress reduction from your primary care doctor? Do you ever get frustrated with your doctor’s having a pill for every problem? Are you confused and tired of searching the Internet for answers to your health problems? Do you wish to find safer but equally or more effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals? Are you looking for ways to stay or get healthy rather than use pills to manage illness? Are you interested in reducing or eliminating your medications? Would you like to try to resolve your chronic health problems instead of taking pharmaceuticals indefinitely? Have you had it with trying to figure out who to believe amongst the many health gurus out there, the dissenting experts, and your own doctor?

Preventive medicine aims to address all these problems. Mark Brody, M.D., Dynamis' founder, has been practicing preventive medicine since the early 2000’s and is opening his practice to those who are interested in this approach to health care on a membership basis. Using an Integrative Medical approach, which includes functional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and Bowenwork, Dr. Brody is opening his practice to those who are interested in this approach as the foundation of their health care. The preventive medical approach overlaps with primary care in many ways but is not completely equivalent. Membership in this preventive medical practice would achieve most of what primary care aspires to but it is not primary care per se. There is less emphasis on testing, pharmaceuticals, and many (but not all) preventive measures used in a primary care physician’s office. Please contact us for details.

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