The Alternative to Primary Care for Those Wary of Big Pharma


Preventive Medicine can get you healthy and keep you healthy using few or no pharmaceuticals. It consists of helping adjust lifestyle risk factors and uses safe and effective evidence-based alternative therapies, with a minimalist approach to the use of pharmaceuticals.  If you are looking for medical care with a more holistic orientation, this may be a good alternative for you.  

Nowadays, many Americans recognize that pharmaceuticals can have significant ill effects, even as they may help to some degree with some health problems.  Antibiotic resistance is now well understood by most people. Statin drugs have been shown to increase the risk of diabetes, dementia, muscle damage and may not even protect you from stroke or heart attack! Antidepressants have been shown to be scarcely better than placebos.  Narcotics have led to an epidemic of suicides, mostly accidental, due to severe addiction.  Addiction is associated with other drugs as well, including benzodiazepines and stimulants. Nonetheless, we find people taking more and more drugs as they become older.  Despite their many serious limitations, pharmaceuticals do have some useful role to play in health care.  Still, as our knowledge of the effects of pharmaceuticals expands, it is becoming increasing difficult to avoid the conclusion that pharmaceuticals should in general be used far more sparingly than they are, and while some may find them indispensable, most people would be better off taking fewer of them, or in some cases, entirely without them. 

As a backlash against this drug culture, many people are trying to reduce their medications, or to avoid taking them altogether. Many do not want their children to be taking medications routinely, and certainly not chronically.  Many people are beginning to question the medical model, which seems to have a "pill for every problem".  Yet it is hard to find a primary care doctor, or even any doctor who is open to using safer alternatives, to say nothing about actually having an expertise in one or more of them.  With that in mind, Dynamis Integrative and Preventive Medicine is offering to the public an opportunity to have a reasonable alternative to primary care (admittedly not equivalent, but similar in many respects).  Previously, Dr. Mark Brody, Dynamis' founder, did entirely a consultative practice, and adopted the conventional payment system, billing people's health insurance.  This model is not oriented towards the physician, the patient, or even health.  Instead, it is oriented towards the needs of the medical system and the well-being of the insurance companies.  Recognizing how this system is antithetical to the needs of patients, and contrary to the healing interests of health care professionals, Dr. Brody has decided to set up a practice independent of the insurance system. 


Colorful Abstract

Dr. Brody. has been practicing Integrative and Preventive Medicine since the early 2000’s and, beginning June, 2019 has opened up his practice to those who are interested in using this approach to health care on a membership basis.  Using an Integrative Medical approach, which includes Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Bowenwork, Dr. Brody is opening his practice to those who are interested in using this approach as the foundation of their  health care.  The preventive and integrative medical approach overlaps with primary care in many ways but is not completely equivalent.  Membership in this preventive medical practice would achieve most of what primary care aspires to but it is not primary care per se.  There is less emphasis on testing, pharmaceuticals, and certain other preventive measures used in a primary care physician’s office, even though these will continue to be utilized on a more selective basis.  Alternative preventive measures will be employed extensively. Please call for details.