Membership Practice


In my new financial system, which I am beginning in 2021, I will be using a membership model which is based on what is sometimes referred to as a “gift economy”.  Gift economies, which are well described in Charles Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics, aim to restore to human economic relationships a level of sacredness that is absent from currency based exchange systems.  Insofar as the doctor/healer/patient relationship may be considered sacred, as it involves mutual trust, faith and honesty, I believe strongly that honoring the sacred quality of the doctor-patient relationship extends into our financial relationship and that these changes will be a positive addition to the spirit of healing, dignity and mutual respect that I hope imbues my professional relationship with you. 


Money tends to have detrimental effects on human relationships, even though we all need it.  Hence I will try to limit our mutual dependence on currency based exchanges, and ask you to make contributions to my business to help me do the work I love to do in your behalf, using contributions inspired by your own personal feelings in lieu of set fees or insurance payments.

To make this more explicit, I’ve decided to stop billing insurance companies. I would appreciate it if all who in the past have been on the insurance system would sign up for this new system, which has already been a part of my practice in a slightly different form for the past 2 years.


  1. I will be asking all my patients who wish to remain with me to join Dynamis Preventive Medicine as members and to commit  between $50.00/month and $75.00/month while their membership is active to help defray the cost of keeping my Integrative Medical practice open ($25/child, or $20/child with more than 2 children).  This fee entitles everyone to unlimited visits during the time of their membership within reason.  I would ask that everyone contribute according to their means and according to what they feel comfortable with.  I recognize that different people will choose different amounts.  At any point you want to stop or freeze your membership, you are free to do so. 

  2. Since I will not be able to meet all my expenses with these fees, I am asking everyone to make a voluntary gift/donation to my practice each time they come in for an office visit. These gifts can be anonymous or not, as your inspiration speaks to you.  I will not be “checking” to see who contributed or not, or how much.  I will not be charging for remedies, herbs, or supplements. 

  3. These voluntary donations/gifts can be in the form of actual things you wish to donate, services,  or currency. Please direct these donations toward myself, and/or to Patrick Kane or Cornelius Henry, my assistants.  I will be paying them whether you make gifts to them or not. Please make these donations according to how you value the services you received, and according to what you feel you can afford.  It is important that these gifts/donations are inspired by genuine feelings of gratitude that may spontaneously arise in you for the services you have received, and not from any sense of obligation. I also want to you feel comfortable with the nature of your contributions, so I will allow you to make them in whatever form you wish them to.


This is a new system, and it may require some modifications along the way. It is as strange and unfamiliar to me as it is to you.  I hope you will work with me to keep my practice alive in all of our mutual interests, mine in being of service to you, and yours in receiving service from my staff and myself.  If you feel uncomfortable with this system, I apologize, but I have given this undertaking some deep thought, and feel that practicing in this way is most consistent with my own spiritual leanings and personal and professional values, and hopefully in line with most of yours.  I appreciate your understanding during this transition.

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