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As a member, you are not using your insurance to make membership payments.  This is good for your doctor, who has to spend less time billing and liasoning with your insurance company, but it is also good for you, since there are no copayments, no deductibles, and certain free or discounted services that become available to you.  In addition, you have a doctor who is unfettered by insurance requirements and can pay full attention to you and your health.  You also may want to consider what it means to you to have your number one health care advocate be both an M.D. and a specialist in Integrative and Preventive Medicine. 

Many of the current ills of our health care system can be attributed to the insurance based payment system.  By opting out of this system, you get more time with your doctor, and since your doctor has fewer patients, easier access to your doctor (and also a less stressed-out over-worked doctor).  You can still have basic health insurance to help cover the costs of catastrophic care, but the quality of your health care (and my job as a practitioner) will be much higher when we operate outside the insurance-based system.


Many years ago, I realized that if I got too many of my patients better, I would be jeopardizing my income. This was a disturbing insight, as it was clearly at odds with my personal goals of doing everything possible to help people recover from illness. I realized then that the system was fundamentally flawed.  Hospitals will close if their censuses fall too much.  Practices will close if there aren't enough sick people.  People may laugh at this and say that will never happen -- there's just too much illness.  But this ignores how the system depends on illness for its survival.  The system works better when it keeps you healthy.  You feel better, less money needs to be spent on health care, and your doctor doesn't need to work as hard.   When your doctor works for you, not the insurance companies,  his or her job becomes much easier when he/she keeps you healthy.  In the insurance-based system, your doctor's clinical success lowers revenues, since you will come in less often. The membership system more properly  incentivizes the doctor to keep you healthy. When incentives for better care exist, better care will tend to emerge.  When it is not incentivized, or actively dis-incentivized, it is unlikely to occur.  This is not just about you and I;  it is about making a beginning at reforming the whole health care system, which has it's priorities topsy-turvy.  Join to benefit yourself, but also become part of the movement for a saner health care system, and stop waiting for Washington to fix it. 

At this point, some of you may be saying to yourselves, "I'm fine with reforming the health care system but I can't afford a monthly membership fee."  Some of you may also be looking for a consultation, not for someone to pilot their health care.  Dynamis will still accept some patients for consultations, but we will no longer bill for you (unless you are an already established patient, under Dr. Brody's care prior to June, 2019.   I will continue to bill for all these patients for the immediate future). For patients joining the practice after June, 2019, a receipt will be provided for services which you will need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Your insurance company will mail you a check for whatever your plan entitles you to receive.  The fee for a new evaluation (see "Plans and Pricing") is $275.00. Follow-up visit charge, using this model, will be negotiable.  Overall, I think you'll find it less financially stressful, less of a hassle, and better for your health by avoiding the insurance system rather than using this fee for service model.  And compared to other membership practices, I think you'll find my rates very reasonable.  This being said, I recognize that this model does cost you more.  I think it's worth it, and I hope you will agree with me. 

Dynamis Preventive and Integrative Medicine-

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JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Want to practice preventive medicine with Dynamis?  Only those with prior training in holistic medicine will be considered. Call or e-mail for info. 

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